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Building camaraderie among children

creating a greater foundation for children's future

teaching life lessons

About The Young Wanted

Mission: to teach children of all ages the fundamentals in competitive sports while educating our youth and helping the community.

This organization was designed to teach children of all ages the fundamentals of baseball, softball, basketball and soccer while educating our youth of the importance in taking care of each other in our community, regardless of where you come from or the monetary values you may or may not possess. To build camaraderie among young children, help create a greater foundation for our children’s future in our local community, and to instill honorable personal character into each child by teaching life lessons.

The Jefferson City Wanted was established in February of 2014. Since creation, countless hours from volunteers, donors, and sponsors in our area have put their efforts into this organization for the children in our community. The volunteers, donors, and sponsors know our concept is based on a few concerning factors; exceptional young athletes being cut from competitive teams because their own best friends out performed them in tryouts.  This is done without any consideration into if that athlete had been playing with the same team for years and developing friendships; regardless he or she  is cut spends the next season playing ball with a different team full of all new teammates and coaches. The thought of major league or college type of format waiting on "cut day" is concerning for youth sports. There is no reason to cut an athlete when you can dedicate yourself as a coach to teach him to become better and allow him to participate with his friends. The next concerning factor was exceptional athletes who never get a chance to play in competitive sports because their family simply could not afford for them to play with their friends.  Every child who has a passion in their sport should not fall through the cracks because of monetary restrictions. We believe, every young exceptional athlete should have an opportunity to play competitive sports and no one should be left out.  In our opinion, using these factors to run youth teams can ruin friendships among our young children even parents. The Young Wanted is an organization focusing on an approach that some parents and grandparents grew up on.  Simply playing ball with your friends, not letting sports determine a friendships status. Our main goal is a simple one, building a solid foundation for our children’s future. This world is about taking care of each other, teaching life lessons, and growing our community.

In 2015 the Government approved our organization to file as a 501c3 nonprofit. This new development allowed the interest level to grow quickly among community leaders and local business’ in our area. Next came the potential to add in Jefferson City’s first independently held professional baseball team. Allowing both to become one organization to help fund up to 15 youth teams in the Mid Missouri area. We found there is a large amount of Professional ball players in the Frontier league that get a second chance at Major League Baseball just like we are doing for our youth.  We recognized these athletes would be a wonderful example for our young children in our community to look up to. "No matter what hurdle you approach; you too can achieve great things. You just have to be willing to work hard to overcome any obstacle."  We love how this would teach our youth great life lessons.  We acknowledged the potential growth our community would gain from this type of project. We thought it would only make since to implement other sports into our organization such as softball, basketball, and soccer. The organization looks for continued growth as each year goes by, and this organization is not restricted to just Jefferson City. We market to all of Mid Missouri. We want youth teams in all counties and if the day were to come, to be so blessed to have a professional team right here in our area we want all of Mid Missouri to be a part of this mission.

With this all in mind, in order to bring the community together as one and help the community realize this is Jefferson City’s youth organization, we had to make a team name change so both the youth and professional team would share as one.  Our volunteer Board members elected to make the change and we hope it resonates with the community, the area, and with what our mission is about.

For many people, baseball is a nostalgic sport. You may have a fond memory of playing little league ball, attending a Cardinals or Royals game, or listening or watching a game on TV with your family and friends. The game of baseball brings inspiration and comradery to our youth, teaching them life lessons that will stick with them through adulthood.

For the founders and the board members of The Wanted, operating youth baseball organizations has been our passion. We also recognize this philosophy should be implemented in other youth sports to instill our core values. The Young Wanted, is an organization who helps fund and scholarship young athletes into competitive sports that normally would not get an opportunity to play because of financial constraints or have been cut from other competitive teams. We believe in growing these children for a brighter future and we monitor their progress on and off the field. It’s a requirement to be a part of this organization. Good character, good attitudes, and sticking to our core values. The Wanted board members will help decide on team transactions concerning players, coaches, and as well as off the field support of the community. As a non-profit organization, we the board feel this will help us serve our goals of bettering the community and the opportunities of the youth programs.

Again all of the above wouldn’t be possible without all our local/national donors and sponsors. Be sure to check our sponsors page to view them all.

Please check us out on Facebook & Instagram to learn more about our organization.

Thank you for  taking an interest to learn what The Wanted organization is all about.


Jay R. Carroll

Softball players at tournament

Wanted float at parade

Softball players at tournament

baseball players at tournament

Softball players at tournament

baseball players at tournament

Softball players at tournament