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12u Baseball

12u baseball team
baseball field at night

12u Roster

#2 - Paxton Schrimpf
#3 - Zach Brown
#4 - Ean Mahaney
#5 - Cole Crider
#7 - Max Humphrey
#10 - Joshua Taylor
#11 - Lucas Smith
#12 - Ronnie Roark
#14 - Justin Stackman
#15 - Johnathan Taylor
#17 - Brayden Otto
#18 - Carter Weber
#30 - Gabe Cervantes-Lucio


team at Sandlot

12u Training

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team at Hammons Field

12u Support

Crista Otto & Hannah Humphrey - Photographer
Brooke Shrimpf - Fundraiser Manager
Nick Humphrey - Statistics/Score Keeper
Team Snap Manager
Rik Stackman - Banner/Flag Manager
Erica Crider - Traveling Manager
Robby Brown - Tournament Manager
Sarah Brown - Team Wear Manager



Date Time Location
Mar. 23-25 TBD Gold Ring Preseason Tournament
63 Diamonds, Jefferson City, MO
Wed., Apr. 11 6pm/8pm 63 Diamonds
Apr. 13-15 TBD G2 Championship Tournament
Atkins Baseball Field, Columbia, MO
Wed., Apr. 18 6pm/8pm 63 Diamonds
Apr. 21 TBD Run and Gun Baseball Tournament
Lebanon, MO
Wed., Apr. 25 6pm/8pm 63 Diamonds
Wed., May 2 6pm/8pm 63 Diamonds
May 5-6 TBD Battle of House Springs Tournament
House Springs, MO
May 12-13 TBD Mothers Day Classic Tournament
Osage Beach, MO
Jun. 1 TBD Springfield Cardinals Game
Springfield, MO
Jun. 2 TBD Sandlot Tournament
Miller, MO
Jun. 23 TBD 63 Diamonds League Championship Tournament
63 Diamonds, Jefferson City, MO

Team Sponsors

Missouri Dental Specialist

Joe Ellsworth Construction


Robby BrownHead Coach
Robby Brown

John WatkinsAsst. Coach
Joey Crider