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One on One Coaching Experience

Partnering with The Wanted organization will get you the ultimate coaching experience for your child. The Wanted has over 100 years of combined coaching experience at our academy. We have brought in coaches who have played Division 1 NCAA baseball, as well as coaches who have won youth baseball championships. Our coaching staff works together on all levels, not only teaching our youth, but also educating each other. Giving our youth the best coaching experience they will ever encounter. We teach one on one training sessions while teaching life lessons. Each player learns not only the physical fundamentals, but more importantly, the mental preparation for each game. To learn more about our training program go to our training page.


14u Coaches

Head Coach
Kyle Strange

Asst. Coach
Brian Zerr

Asst. Coach
Brent Streeter

Meet the Team

13u Coaches

Andy FlippinHead Coach
Andy Flippin

Adam ThoenenAsst. Coach
Adam Thoenen

Meet the Team

12u Coaches

Robby BrownHead Coach
Robby Brown

John WatkinsAsst. Coach
Joey Crider

Meet the Team

11u Coaches

Head Coach
Ryan Weber

Asst. Coach
Waylon Shewmaker

Meet the Team

10u Coaches

Justin FarrHead Coach
Justin Farr

Shay BurchAsst. Coach
Shay Burch

Josh BarbourAsst. Coach
Josh Barbour

Asst. Coach
Scott Rademan

Meet the Team

9u Coaches

Jason SchuemannHead Coach
Jason Schuemann

Tom O'BrienAsst. Coach
Tom O'Brien

Asst. Coach
Tanner Reinsch

Meet the Team


16u Coaches

Dustin EastwoodAsst. Coach
Dustin Eastwood

Meet the Team

12u Coaches

Leah KempkerHead Coach
Leah Kempker

Brian McGeorgeAsst. Coach
Brian McGeorge

Meet the Team

10u Coaches

Justin BakerHead Coach
Justin Baker

Sheila SchnellerAsst. Coach
Sheila Schneller

Meet the Team