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Softball Program

The Young Wanted Softball

Our softball program is designed to build physical and mental toughness among our players. With the decades of experience and creativeness of our coaching staff, the players are given one of the best experiences in the Midwest. The players start their season mid-January with a rigorous 8-week training academy designed by the coaches and staff. This is an on & off the field web based designed program. Players are instructed to attend our private training page academy weekly to gain the knowledge of the game as well as what the coaches will be teaching in the following week during the on-field practices. After the academy, has been completed the players are mentally prepared to execute game time play.

Our seasons last throughout the winter, spring, summer, and sometimes even fall. Our coaching staff and players spend 6 months or more together learning the fundamentals of the game. It’s not uncommon to see our softball players, coaches and parents become close friends through this wonderful sport. You often will hear being a part of The Wanted Family a common saying in our organization. Its only because everyone in our organization shares the same core values with the same common goals. We believe through our core value, hard work, and friendships the players learn life lessons and will become top leaders of our community through the game of softball.

More Information

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